Dec 19 2011

Mandate Relief Clarification from NYSED

A policy memorandum from the Office of P-12 Education providing clarification regarding actions taken related to mandate relief and special education is now available at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/mandaterelief-dec2011.htm

Please see this important memo and share with all interested parties.  Please note the emphasis on the fact that while recommendations have been approved by the Regents, NOTHING has changed.  In addition, changes in language related to written reports regarding the determination of additional data for re-evaluations only will be presented for public comments. Any other changes will require legislative action by the NYS Legislature.  This is exactly what NYASP has been reporting. 

The 45 day public comment period will open January 4, 2012.  NYASP will provide information regarding comment submission.