Our mission is to serve children,
their families and the school community
by promoting psychological well-being,
excellence in education, and sensitivity
to diversity through best practices
in school psychology.

The NYASP 2014 conference will be held in Albany, N.Y. from November 5-7. The theme will be Promoting Wellness in the Classroom and Beyond.

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Are you up for the comic challenge? Tell a joke and promote mental health arareness. Just post a video of one of you favorite jokes along with a fact about mental illness. You can see some of the comic challenge videos on NYASP's Facebook page.
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Approximately 1 in 5 children has a diagnosable mental health disorder. 60% - 90% do not get help for these problems. A majority of kids get mental health service through schools. Good mental health is critical to children’s success in school and life.
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Check out our Testing Anxiety Toolkit (Large file)
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NYSUT's Journal of Best Practices in Education · Volume VII, Spring 2014 Developing the ability to understand self and others, to manage our feelings, to express emotions, and to listen well, leads to the cultivation of deeper attention and empathy while strengthening the ability to reason, understand, and interpret new information.
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Check out our Testing Anxiety Toolkit (Large file)
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Our Children of Warriors Toolkit provides resources when working with students and families who have a family member deployed.
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The Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention has a number of links to video clips that can be used with students. Scroll down to "Videos and Webisodes to Use with Students". There is also a Power Point that you can use with students that you can download that integrates some of the video clips.
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Our Children of Warriors Toolkit provides resources when working with students and families who have a family member deployed. Read the letter that First Lady, Michelle Obama, sent to our President-Elect Kelly Caci.
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The Cyberbullying Research Center has released research-based fact sheets, and maintains a variety of resources for educators, parents and teens.
NYASP President Kelly Caci has initiated a campaign to highlight effective elements of school safety planning and the provision of mental health services in the schools. NYASP BOE Resolution on School Safety, NYASP BOE Statement on School Safety, NYASP BOE Talking Points, NYASP School-based Mental Health Services, Joint Statement Framework for Safe and Effective Schools
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Education reform across our country has generally focused on instructional factors that impact learning and governance and operations of schools. There is no doubt that … Read more.
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NYASP is an active partner with New York State in efforts to contain educational costs and provide flexibility to school districts in budget development. There are many reasonable mandate relief and flexibility provisions... Read more.
School Psychologists: Improving Student and School Outcomes provides examples of how school
psychologists' services link to research and policies regarding improved outcomes for students.
Ready to Learn, Empowered to Teach outlines guiding principles for effective education. Concludes that education presents the greatest opportunity that we have to ensure the success of all children and, ultimately, our country.
The Dignity for All Students Act will help ensure that school administrators and educators have the tools and resources in place to afford all students – and particularly those who are targeted by bullies – an educational environment in which they can thrive.
Just the Facts, a primer for principals, educators and school personnel regarding sexual orientation and youth. Also see our memo on sexual orientation change therapy.