Our mission is to serve children,
their families and the school community
by promoting psychological well-being,
excellence in education, and sensitivity
to diversity through best practices
in school psychology.

This page will provide updates on mandate relief proposals in New York that impact the profession of school psychology. For questions related to any of these issues, please contact our Legislative Co-Chairs John Kelly or Beth Rizzi.


January 2014

Good news! The Governor's budget does not contain any significant language related to "mandate relief" which would threaten the role of school psychologists. We will be monitoring the state budget deveolpment closely for any signs of threats.

April 2013 - UPDATE

The approved NYS Budget did not include the controversial mandate relief proposal that would have allowed local school districts, private schools, and BOCES to request waivers from any special education requirement (e.g. removal of the school psychologist as a mandated member of the CSE). NYASP has been a strong advocate of maintaining protections and provisions within special education mandates, some of which may exceed federal IDEA requirements. Many of NYS special education mandates are designed to protect the rights of students and families, as well as represent good educational practices. NYASP participated in the budget development process and advanced the need for the legislature to be sensitive these protections.

 NYASP is pleased with the final outcome of this process. However, we are aware that some school districts are under the false assumption that special education mandate relief has been approved and that “school psychologists are no longer mandated members of the CSE.” It is important to inform all administrators that these changes have NOT been approved. Please refer any questions on special education mandate relief to James Dilorenzo, NYSED Assistant Commissioner, Special Education, (518) 474-3862

January 2013

New year, new challenges!

Governor Cuomo has included a provision within his proposed 2013 Budget that would allow school districts the ability to request a "waiver" from any special education mandate that exceeds Federal IDEA. This could include the school psychologist's mandated role on the CSE.

NYASP has provided a statement that recognizes the need to balance requests for waivers from burdensome mandates and the need to ensure protections and supports for children. Some mandates are good educational practice and just plain good for kids.

School psychologists NEED to advocate for this balance within their district. Each district will have the ability to request these waivers. Therefore, the conversations and battles must occur at the district level. This is your job, you must be willing to stand up for it.

See the NYASP Mandate Relief statement on the NYASP Homepage.