Our mission is to serve children,
their families and the school community
by promoting psychological well-being,
excellence in education, and sensitivity
to diversity through best practices
in school psychology.

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In preparation for Lobby Day, Virtual Lobby Day will be held on Tuesday, April 28th.

Whether or not you will be attending Lobby Day in person, you are welcome to click here to advocate for children and mental health virtually on April 28th.

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As many as one in five children are diagnosed with a mental health disorder severe enough to interfere with their daily life functioning. 75%-80% of children in need do not receive appropriate mental health services to address these problems.
Lobby Day is May 4th. Advocate for legislation that supports mental health. Click here for more details.
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NYASP Conference 2015 is accepting proposals.

For more information visit http://www.proposal.nyasp.biz/
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Countdown to Virtual Lobby Day

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Thanks to everyone for a great conference. Many, but not all, handouts are available for download at www.nyasp.biz
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Are you up for the comic challenge? Tell a joke and promote mental health arareness. Just post a video of one of you favorite jokes along with a fact about mental illness. You can see some of the comic challenge videos on NYASP's Facebook page.
The Dignity for All Students Act will help ensure that school administrators and educators have the tools and resources in place to afford all students – and particularly those who are targeted by bullies – an educational environment in which they can thrive. School Psychologists: Improving Student and School Outcomes provides examples of how school psychologists' services link to research and policies regarding improved outcomes for students.
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NYSUT's Journal of Best Practices in Education · Volume VII, Spring 2014 Developing the ability to understand self and others, to manage our feelings, to express emotions, and to listen well, leads to the cultivation of deeper attention and empathy while strengthening the ability to reason, understand, and interpret new information.